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  • Causes of Shoulder Pain and Treatment Options

    Reasons for why your shoulder hurts can vary, but where you feel pain can help narrow down the cause. You may have an ache from something as simple as poor posture at the computer. You may have a case of shoulder bursitis due to repetitive motion, a sudden injury, or even a completely different medical condition.

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  • What types of shoulder surgery are available?

    The shoulder is a mobile and complex joint that is prone to dislocation and injury. Several types of shoulder surgery can address and correct various shoulder symptoms.

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  • Back to Play After Shoulder Injury

    Football volleyball, rugby. Even biking or snowboarding can set an athlete up for a serious shoulder injury and require surgery to fix it. But how does an athlete or weekend warrior know when they can return to the activities they love?

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  • UConn Health Minute: Shoulder Replacement Surgery

    Shoulder pain is a common complaint. There are many treatment options to help fix the problem but for some, the pain and lack of motion will require a shoulder replacement.

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  • Causes of Hands and Fingers Locking Up

    Hands locking up can be a symptom of various medical conditions, or occur as a side effect of anxiety.

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